Our Song video from the Barnwood Trust

I am delighted to let you know that the short documentary about our show Our Song is now available to watch online.

Those of you in the show will remember Pip and Ali from the Barnwood Trust who came and did lots of filming during the dress rehearsal and performances in order to make a film about the community building aspect of the project.

The video brings back some wonderful memories of our massive project in an impressively efficient 4 minutes!


We have fun packed schedule this term – everyone wants to hear us sing! Here are the dates so far:

StroudSong community theatre

There has been a lot of interest in this so here we go…. We will be working with the lovely Jo Bousfield this year to devise and perform a play with music about the experience of singing in a community choir. It will be based on our stories of what the choir means to us and what goes on behind the scenes. This term Jo will be coming along to rehearsals to invite and collect our stories to be developed into a play next term. The focus of each rehearsal will still very much be on singing and the play will develop seamlessly alongside it! More info as we go.

Stroud choir gathering

On November 21st we are hosting a gathering of several community choirs in Stroud to have our own ‘big sing’. Our own John Mortlock is the brains and energy behind it and we will make it a good fundraiser. Each choir will sing a couple of songs and we will sing another couple all together – it will be a brilliant feel-good event as we celebrate the unusually huge number of singers in this small but vibrant town.

Evening structure

As we are giving some time to the new play each week, we will change the community notice spot for now. As always, leaflets are welcome on the table. We will also have a notice board to pin up anything you want to let everyone know about.

Choir fees

I am putting the fee up this term to £7 a session. There will still be a discount for those who wish to pay for the term. This term the discount is £16 so a cost of £75 for 13 weeks. As always if you find the cost would make it difficult for you to come, I am happy for you to pay less for as long as you need to. Just let me know what is possible for you.