We have fun packed schedule this term
– everyone wants to hear us sing!
Here are the dates so far:

Sunday 28th Sep Five Valleys Walk
– we are invited to sing. To be discussed!

Saturday Oct 5th 12 noon 
Singing for the CAB in Stroud High Street.
Meet 11.50 near CAB stall outside Millets.

Sunday Oct 6th 12.30 Silver Sunday 
- national celebration of the contribution made to our communities by older people. Stonehouse Community Centre, Laburnum Walk, Stonehouse.
Meet 12.15 in the centre.

Saturday Nov 8th evening 
Stroud choirs fundraising concert

- at Congregational Church next to Sub Rooms. 

This is our big event of term – more details to come.

Friday 5th December 6.30ish 

Stroud Goodwill Evening
– our usual hearty sing in town.

Sunday 7th December 3.30ish 

Christmas singing event- at the Museum in the Park, Stroud - more details to come.