Forum help

We now have a google group (I decided against Facebook as I know many of us don't use it) which is a web forum that you can use online or as an email group.... stay with me, it's pretty simple!!

To join simply email no need to put anything in subject or header and it will email back with instructions. If that doesn't work for you then email ben and he'll add you.

Once you've joined you can then post messages by emailing or using the website

I am really hoping that all current members will join up so that you can contact each other easily without having to go through me. I will still use my mailing list as usual.

This group is to be used to help people who are members of the StroudSong community choir to communicate with the rest of the choir. 

This forum is for choir related messages eg meet ups and events. You may also use it to let people know of other singing events that you would like to publicise. Also for local events that you personally are involved in and requests for things you need or would like to offer. Very much like our community notice spot. 

Please do not use it for anything else eg no e-petitions, national campaigns, big mail outs etc. Don't put it on your email list for everything you circulate!

At the moment it is a public group as that is easiest to set up. If that causes any problems we can change it.